The Product

Raw material

Our loved denim, buy by the best companies in Italy, is not a simple denim but goes from the classic one to denim mixed with silk, linen, cashmere, from denim in trendy colours to very particular printed denim. In order to guarantee comfort and a good fit the denim used are stretch and soft. Naturally the thickness varies from season to season, and for the summer the denim gets ever so light and as it was never seen before. Washing , made in the best Italian laundry, show fine treatments that are always innovative and searched.

Fine fabrics
Together with the denim, others fine fabrics create our collection like: linen, cotton, satin, wool tasmanian , cady, tech fabric, alcantara, leatherette, operated tissue, printed and coated tissue, lace, jersey, etc. from the best italian manufactories. As for denim, also for the fabric selection aims to prefer stretch materials to ensure the comfort and softness.

The applications
The designs of applications are created from the pencil of the designer each collection, so as to be always new and unique. All applications are performed in-house by qualified personnel for two very important reasons:

    • 1°) to safeguard the research carried out and the anticipation of trend;
    • 2°) to ensure application quality achieved through years of experience thanks to the conquering of appropriate methodologies.


In our collection we combine careful research and trends anticipation with a meticulous and continuous studying of the fitting. From this study emerged our PATENT “LIFT UP” that consists in a cut like sea-gull’s wings on the carrè, which together with a particular and special modelling, lift-up the buttocks and produce a slimming effect on the legs. Careful analysis of the reference market leads to the identification of three types of women-type such as: a girl “over the lines”, a chic but gritty woman, an elegant but trendy lady ; to dress in the best way these three different targets are proposed in the collection  three parallel but different styles and farther are put in place for slacks three fits and tree different waist-height.
The fits are divided into: slim, regular, comfort; the waist-height into: low, middle, high.
Given the choice for the slacks of half-size, the woman dressed Jeans Tattoo will have the feeling of purchasing a head tailored… tattooed on her!

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Made in Italy

The creator of Jeans Tattoo set from the beginning the value of quality and made ​​in Italy as a MUST of the brand and decides to made its heads entirely in Italy, from the raw material to the manufacture, except for strass and stones that are exclusively Swarovski. To convey this message to the final customer every piece is countersigned by an AUTHENTICITY CERTIFICATE: a sort of map where you can find the origin of every raw material and manufacture phase.