About us

The history

JeansTattoo is a brand born with the revolutionary idea to do haute couture in jeans.
We have upset, overturned and renovated the idea you may have about jeans… the denim gets ready to enter in boutiques, covering itself with elegance and sumptuousness.
It loses its streetwear soul acquiring a fashion one!
The extremely innovative spirit and open-mindedness of the company’s Founders, the made in Italy ’s (100%) learning and quality soon led to the business expanding across the market.
Its name soon became recognizable thanks to the particularity of strass’ application made only with Swarovski elements, , thanks to made in Italy’s’ quality (from the raw material to the manufacture) and thanks to its specialization about fit.

The development

For several years the brand remained linked to its original idea of jeans; the 2010’s saw the first signs of expansion toward a total-look branded JeansTattoo, made not only with denim but also with fine fabrics from the best italian manufactories.
The specialising in slacks of the house JeansTattoo is soon accompanied by a proposal for a complete wardrobe: they launched the first tailleur, jogging couture and leggings realized by Milan jersey, fleece and velvet of amazing quality.
Come the shirt in jersey, also knitted effect, and the JeansTattoo blouse that is made both in stretch silk that in stretch poplin.
Of course, everything goes according to the leitmotif of the special applications typical of JeansTattoo.
It devotes considerable resources in the research and development of new products.
The style is constantly engaged in research and innovation to present always different collections, that can be new and in advance respect to the trends of the fashion market, even remaining faithful to the imperative to input on the market practical and comfortable heads.
The name “Jeans Tattoo” gives you already an idea of our jeans as a fire mark that exalts character, expression… and sensuality.

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We transfer haute couture into daily life to dress a woman with no age.
Our aim is that every piece of wear expresses an own personality and comes to the consumer like made for each other.